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B2B Marketing uses many of the same toolsets from B2C. SEO, paid search, social media, and other digital marketing channels are used by both the B2B and the B2C marketer. But the strategy and utilization of these channels can — and should — differ drastically.

We understand the complexities of B2B marketing and design campaigns that build awareness, engagement, and sales while providing analytics and insights for the customer journey. We also excel at designing Account-Based Marketing strategies that allow B2B campaigns to provide highly tailored and personalized marketing communications for individual customers, industry verticals, and interest-based segments.

The sales funnel for B2B can be much more sophisticated and lengthy than a B2C funnel. Our approach to B2B digital marketing focuses on:

  1. Short-term — What channels and tactics can be used to generate immediate responses?
  2. Long-term — How do we continuously build awareness and interest to generate prospects in the early-funnel stages?
  3. How do we segment and nurture prospects?
  4. How are campaign channels and spends complimenting each other?

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